Bicycle Choir


Nevena Paunovic and I wanted to celebrate both the bicycle as a way of public life, and the act of collective singing.

Stages of this bicycle choir:

1. People in Amsterdam were invited to sing Life on Mars throughout the day, wherever they were, whenever they cycled. Some invitations were made and attached to bicycles around the city.

2. People gathered and scattered, in a particular area, at a particular time, and sang Life on Mars while biking

3. When the whistle blew, mass bell ringing followed. 
Following the bells, people met at the designated meeting point.

4. People formed a temporary, cycling choir...

These were the instructions...

1. Learn as much of David Bowie's Life on Mars as you can. Focus on the Chorus. If you can’t memorize all the words, just learn the tune. Humming is welcome.

2. If you like, print the lyrics provided below (you can bring them with you on Tuesday!)

3. On Tuesday the 25th May, sing Life on Mars, wherever you are, whenever you cycle.

4. At 5:30 be anywhere in the area indicated on the map below while cycling and singing Life on Mars. You can do this on your own or with another person. You can put the song on your MP3 player and sing along with it, or go solo.

5. When you hear the whistle, start ringing your bell and then bike to the spot indicated with the arrow and red dot on the Map. Don’t worry, you will see us! We will be singing: stay on your bike, but stop and join in! From there we will ride and sing together for around 6 minutes before saying goodbye and riding off our separate ways...