Here is how you listen: a teenage laboratory

Here is how you listen is an artistic collective. It's a teenage laboratory and playground for collaborative learning over time. It's an experiment in encounters with art in our city. 

This ^ documentary by Melisa Sofi charts the creation processes of ten young artists in the Here is how you listen collective. The film follows their journies of making art, making mistakes, getting it right, dreaming, innovating and learning to work together, all while trying to finish grade 12.

Listen to part of the first meeting of the collective here.

Over two school years, the collective saw and spoke about work in Toronto together, alongside the development of their own projects across disciplines. 

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Past public sharings of works in process: 

A curation project by Theo Gallaro with video installation by Sonia Scarlat 

The Here is how you listen collective is:

Joshua Augusto, Theo Gallaro, Jahnelle Jones-Willams, Jovana Miladinović, Jessica Munk, Meesung Park, Mick Robertson, Sonia Scarlat, Melisa Sofi, Liam Sullivan, with Erin Brubacher, Cara Spooner​ and other associated artists.  

^ photo of Mick Robertson's notebook

Here is how you listen is a project facilitated by artists Erin Brubacher and Cara Spooner that builds on artistic learning and experience over time. Participants develop tools and skills to create new works across disciplines, following their individual interests, starting from a performance framework. They establish and grow a shared vocabulary that allows them both to be reciprocal outside-eyes and critical support for each other’s artistic experiments, and to respond to professional work they see and with which they engage.

The purpose of the project is to make and develop a continuous creative learning relationships and mentorship with teenagers from across the Greater Toronto Area, through a project which serves as a supported performance laboratory for young artists and a grounds for artistic critique.

While Here is how you listen has been funded by the Ontario Arts Council, this project relies on support from cultural institutions for tickets to shows and events and access to meeting/ presentation space. We have been fortunate to make partnerships with The Theatre Centre, Nightswimming Theatre, FADO, Tarragon Theatre, The Progress Festival, Workman Arts, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Power Plant, DanceMakers, Gallery 44 and World Stage at Harbourfront Centre.

Our work is supported by the Ontario Arts Council