Our forgotten papers, or the one that got away

Three papers, three times of life, three labors of love that got away. 

  1. We invite three people to share something they have written and left behind: Something poetic, something scholarly, something in the space between.

  2. These forgotten papers are read in the company of 20 people made up of strangers and friends. Efforts and ideas are remembered. Perhaps only in that moment or perhaps in moments to come. 

  3. It’s a potluck. So we eat. Red beverages are also on offer. 

Location: West Toronto Moving Company, 2832 Dundas Street West  

To get on the mailing list or to RSVP: info@publicrecordings.org

Space is limited.  The next Forgotten Papers will happen in the fall of 2015.

Curated by Erin Brubacher, hosted by Ame Henderson

Past paper portraits by Erin Brubacher. See all here. 

Pouria Lotfi-Najafabadi, Slavica Ceperkovic and Emily M. Keeler - July 27th, 2014

Jonathan Seinen, Gideon Arthurs, Marcin Wisniewski - April 6, 2014

Alex Willis, Sean Dixon, Carey Jernigan - February 2, 2014

  • Sunday July 27th, at 8pm, for a dusk dinner

    M E N U

    Emily M. Keeler, Pouria Lotfi-Najafabadi and Slavica Ceperkovic:

    Eggs, architecture, and a drowned town.

  • Sunday April 6th 2014, at 7pm, for Dinner

    M E N U

    This is the time: ideals, reckoning, our best selves, and Laurie Anderson

    Shaw makes me mad: back when theatre was in high school

    I was supposed to be gone a year, but it didn't exactly happen like that: a broken heart

  • Sunday February 2nd 2014, at 1pm, for Brunch

    M E N U

    A Romantic understanding of local spaces and early Sci Fi...the kiboshed PhD conclusion.

    A poem after the prom... an unheld body of work.

    An unsent letter... time passing and Pinochet.